The Cuddle Co

 cuddle ∙ comfort ∙ care

From the time I could remember, I knew there was something to be said for the power of human touch, but like many
of you, I was raised in a family where, even though we loved each other, being touchy feely wasn't our thing. I didn't really put much thought into the lack of touch in my life until recently...

Last year was probably the most challenging of my life. I found myself unfulfilled in a corporate career where I had given my all yet company politics prevailed, and unloved in a marriage where compassion and communication were non-existent. To compensate, I immersed myself in spiritually uplifting books, Reiki, and Bioenergy Healing. Deep down I knew there was more I needed to be doing with my life, but didn't know what that 'more' was.


The week I realized my marriage was beyond repair was followed by the week my corporate job was restructured. For the first time in my adult life I felt lost, alone, and without a sense of direction. I felt isolated in my adopted province. All I really wanted to do was crawl under a blanket and sleep for a year. All I needed was for someone to hug me and tell me it would be alright.  But, I had to stay strong and always be "on" for the sake of my children. With suitcase and children in tow, I came back to Toronto, my home.


One day soon after arriving back home, I went to visit one of my best friends. She welcomed me with a hug, which
is typical for us, except this time she squeezed harder and held on to me a few seconds longer than usual. And that's when everything changed...The flood gates opened and I just stood there crying. My armour shattered and the real me was exposed. It was raw, it was freeing, and it was cleansing! I felt like I took my first breath of air! All hope wasn't lost, everything would be alright... That's the power of human touch. It strips away our protective coating and brings our authentic self to the surface. It filters out the noise and allows us to get back to ourselves. Since that moment with my friend, I've made hugging and cuddling a priority in my life. I can actually feel myself getting out of balance if I go too long without a soothing cuddle. 


The benefits of touch are truly remarkable and life-changing. I thought how lucky I am to have friends who are naturally touchy feely and, without intending to, helped me break through from the dark side. I also thought about others... What if they didn't have anyone to turn to? What if they were in a constant state of isolation? So many questions and scenarios played out in my mind and the answer to all of them was the inception of The Cuddle Co. 


This is the start of a brand new journey. Not just for me, but for all of us.  As a society, we are drifting away from touch and missing out on the life force it provides. My hope is that The Cuddle Co will bring us back to basics... back to the healing power of touch and back to ourselves. 

My Journey...


I'm willing to bet that you probably didn't realize just how important touch really is. I'll tell you more about my personal journey below, but for now, let me say that not having a significant other in your life is no longer a valid reason to be without touch and human connection. Maybe your career is your significant other, but does it provide you with the affectionate comfort and care you need to function at your best?  Probably not. This is why I'm happy to introduce you to The Cuddle Co! Our priority is to make you feel accepted, comforted, and cared for.  I'm thankful to have this opportunity to share what we do with you and I sincerely hope you won't spend another moment feeling alone. The Cuddle Co will help you feel like you touch, one cuddle, and one conversation at a time.

My name is Kristina, and I'm the CEO (Cuddle Executive Officer) and founder of The Cuddle Co. Even though I've always believed in the healing power of touch, it took hitting emotional rock bottom to realize that I need it. Did you know that our skin is the largest organ in our body? Ok, you probably did know that, but did you also know that of the five senses, touch is the only one essential to life? The power of touch has been demonstrated by numerous studies: ranging from babies whose development is stunted when they are deprived of human contact to the elderly who enjoy better health when touched regularly, and patients who recover from their illnesses more quickly when they are touched often. Basically, when we are touch deprived, we become more prone to illness, depression, and aggression.