The Cuddle Co

 cuddle ∙ comfort ∙ care

Q: Do I meet with my Cuddler before my appointment?

Yes, a meeting is required prior to your first session. This will ensure you are comfortable with your Cuddler and that any questions are answered. You can have a brief phone call or skype video call lasting no longer than 10 minutes. You can also meet in a public place a few minutes prior to your first appointment . There is no cost for this. 

Q: What can I expect from a cuddle session?
During a cuddle session, you and your Cuddler can sit, lay down, or something in between. There are many variations, but all require that you are comfortable, relaxed, and feeling cared for. You may hold hands, chat sitting down, or your Cuddler may gently caress you while laying close to you. This is in no way sexual. Our role is to help you receive the sort of touch needed to bring you the comfort and care that will encourage you to feel your best during and after each session.

Q: What should I wear for my appointments?

Please wear something you feel good in. Pyjamas, shorts with a shirt, or just whatever you are wearing that day, as long as you are comfortable. Please keep in mind that nudity of any kind is not acceptable for this service.

Q: What if I want a 'skin on skin' cuddle session?

Skin on skin basically means that both Client and Cuddler are wearing shorts and a tank top. We are happy to accommodate various clothing requests, except nudity of any kind. Please ensure to mention your wishes at the time of booking. 

Q: What if I get aroused?

This is a natural reaction and will happen from time to time. It is nothing to be concerned or embarrassed about. You can change positions or wait for it to go away.

Q: What happens if I don't want my session to end?

Cuddle sessions are so relaxing and enjoyable that this happens very frequently. Simply ask your Cuddler if they are able to continue with the session. If your Cuddler is available for an extension, please process an 'extension' payment on our Booking page and enjoy your extra time.

Q: Are tips accepted?

This is up to you. Your gratefulness is very much appreciated, but if you feel like you need to give more, simply book another session!

Q.  What do you need from me when I book?

In line with similar services, The Cuddle Co will provide you with an Agreement and Waiver to sign.  We will also ask you to provide a copy of official photo ID, such as a drivers licence or passport. It is required that the signed agreement and ID are made available prior to your appointment. In addition, you will be required to fill out an intake form before your very first session. This is for mutual safety, understanding, and security. It is non-negotiable.

Frequently Asked Questions